Private Practice Mentoring
Private Practice Mentoring
Dr. Mark Baldwin

Welcome to Private Practice Mentoring

Helping Private Practice owners build their practice!

About Me

I started LifeWorks Resources LLC in 2014 as a sole therapist and have worked to build a successful group practice. I spent over 12 years in Executive leadership in residential treatment facility, which set the foundation for learning how to manage the business aspect of a private practice. I've learned that it can be a lonely process figuring out how to run a successful practice, either solo or a group practice. I've been a part of coaching groups and training sessions only to find that what I really wanted was mentoring and group to lean on when needed. AND as a business owner I often didn't have the finances to afford thousand dollar consultants! So I created this group to help people like me.

Why You Should Join Me

For many therapists the business side of managing their own practice whether solo or group, can be overwhelming. After all, they don't teach this stuff in college! In this group, not only will you get mentoring from someone who has been there and done that, you will create a network of people you can lean on and learn from; a group to share ideas and get honest feedback.

Group Consulting Video Calls!!

You may be asking yourself why should I pay for this information? Well the truth is you could spend hours reading information from different sites or come here for a growing library of information.

MORE IMPORTANTLY - the regularly scheduled zoom video teleconferencing mentoring sessions are worth WAY more than the subscription!! Most consultants are charging hundreds of dollars for mastermind group and consulting calls. We're putting people before profits.